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 Send a SURPRISE balloon in box!


 If it is time on your calendar for another occasion, the Balloon Bag has the perfect surprise gift idea, a balloon in a box. This FedEx, UPS, or USPS delivered package is unrecognizable, weighs almost nothing, and reads: "CAUTION Do Not Open with a Sharp Instrument" When the recipient opens the package, out pops your message on a balloon. Inside the box is color coordinated tissue paper, a balloon weight clip, a personalized suitable card, and an additional suitable gift from us.
Reminder: check our shipping page to see how long the package will take to get from our door in Pennsylvania to the recipients door somewhere in the USA...
  • All orders with no personal message will receive no greeting card.
  • All orders with no desired delivery date will ship by noon EST.
  • We reserve the right to substitute your balloon with a similar choice if your first choice becomes out of stock because we have a bad bunch of balloons.