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About Us: The Balloon Bag (a division of Peerless Specialties, LLC)

The evolution of the Balloon Monkey...


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The Balloon Bag was founded in 1982 by Glenn and Maryann Hetrick as an off-shoot of their boardwalk stationery business (The Letter Peddler) in Ocean City, MD. The story goes, the husband and wife team were peddling their stationery and a customer/friend suggested that they should start to carry balloons for kids birthdays while vacationing at the beach. Glenn and Maryann took to the idea immediately and opened shop in Ocean City, MD. At the end of the season, an employee reminded the couple that the salt water air could erode the balloons. So they decided to bring their new idea back home with them to Altoona, PA. Upon there return, with a simple ad in the local newspaper, they had instant local success. Also at that time Glenn coined the name: "The Balloon Bag" including both the monkey as the company mascot and the Hershey Kisses as the staple balloon attachment food. As the business grew, the couple added more and more to its line than just birthday balloons. Including: party supplies, costume deliveries, event decorating, balloon in a boxes, centerpieces, delivery service, custom balloons, and so much more...

In 2003, Maryann passed away suddenly from heart attack and diabetic complications. At that time, the couples son, Craig, was studying at Penn State and returned home to help his father continue the family business in the wake of Maryann's death.  

The Balloon Bag continues after more than 30 years to offer the finest quality balloon products at competitive prices, backed by the best service hands down. Like we have always said, "A balloonie never dies, they just run out of gas and need to refill!".

The Balloon Bag, a division of Peerless Specialties, LLC is an full-line balloon goods retailer offering a broad assortment of products and services in a specialty store environment. Thank you for your interest in our products and we hope that we see you soon!

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